writing grammatically

Hidden Figures Questions
March 17, 2019
Post a description of the two reproductive disorders you selected, including their similarities and differences. Discussion: Disorders of the Reproductive Systems
March 17, 2019

writing grammatically

Paragraph Writing—Greatest Success

This assignment will allow you to practice writing grammatically correct sentences that narrate an experience. In this assignment, you will write the first draft of a paragraph that you will revise for resubmission in Module 2 and then revise again for final submission in Module 4.

Write a paragraph that discusses your greatest success. This might be an experience related to your academic career, work, family, sports, or even a favorite hobby. Include in your description why you consider this to be your crowning achievement.

In your paragraph, make sure that:

  • The sentences are well formed and complete.
  • No fragments are included.

This response should be 100–150 words long.
Submit the paragraph in a Word file


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