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January 24, 2021
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January 24, 2021

write two assignments


I have two assignments,

first assignment:

LITR 235 World Lit and Fine Arts I

2nd Field Trip Assignment

Due: at the beginning of the Final Exam (see college exam schedule for time)

Your 2nd field trip will take you to the West Building of the National Gallery to view the Italian Renaissance collection, taking one of the regular tours of the collection offered Monday through Sunday at 2:30pm. All tours start near the fountain in the main Rotunda (ask at the information desk if you need to know where to go). The tours are about one hour long. You will want to spend at least another hour exploring the collection on your own. More information about visiting the museum can be found on the National Gallery website:

In your notes taken at the gallery, be sure to gather the following information for your final (typed) submission:

• What paintings did you view on the tour? Record the artist, the date of the work, and any pertinent information given to you by the tour guide, along with your own impressions.

• What is your tour guide’s name? What is his or her favorite work in the National Gallery collection from the Italian Renaissance period, and why?

• Be sure to look at the frames on the artworks. What is each like, and how does it react with the painting?

After you have familiarized yourself with the Italian Renaissance collection, you will need to gather further information (notes, pamphlets, printouts from the National Gallery online sources (academic, please), books and other secondary sources, etc) in order to write an ESSAY on one of the following topics:

1. Using three artworks from the National Gallery, discuss the relationship of Christian and pagan subject matter to Renaissance mentalities and culture.

2. Using three examples of artwork from the National Gallery, discuss the relationship of artist and patron in Renaissance Italy, and how this influences the production and meaning of art from the period.

3. Using three artworks from the National Gallery, discuss the development of innovative techniques from the Early Renaissance to the High Renaissance, focusing on the depiction of the human form and perspective.

WHAT YOU NEED TO TURN IN (in some sort of folder to keep it organized):

• All the notes taken at the National Gallery, and copies of sources used in the essay.

• Typed information on the artworks viewed in the exhibition (as outlined in the assignment description above).

• Any pamphlets or other information gathered at the museum.

• An ESSAY on the Renaissance collection, 1250-1500 words in length, formatted according to MLA guidelines. I define an ‘essay’ as a paper with an argument and a clear thesis statement. The structure should conform to the traditional academic paper, with the evidence always supporting main points that defend your thesis. Your conclusion can be used for several purposes: a) Summary of the main points and the thesis; b) Points for further consideration and study which did not fit into the main argument of your paper; c) personal reaction and reflection (appropriate here, but not in the essay itself). In short, you have the most freedom in your conclusion; the rest of your essay should reflect your ability to structure a sound academic argument and defend it with appropriate evidence from your research. Essays should contain 10-20% direct quotation, and the rest should be your own organization and wording. Remember, ALL information you take from other sources, whether directly quoted or paraphrased, should be fully referenced in the text and in your bibliography. Secondary sources should be consulted, and should be used to support the main evidence from the museums.

• As usual, you need to take a selfie of yourself. This time I would like you to take it with one of the paintings you like from the tour. Remember, no flash!

Due: at the beginning of the Final Exam (see the college Exam Schedule for specific time)

Remember that your work should meet MLA guidelines for academic submissions. It should also reflect both objective and subjective opinions (those that are fact-based as well as those that are personal responses). Your work will be graded on accuracy, thoroughness (i.e. level of detail and information), personal investment, insight, and application of relevant knowledge learned in this course so far. Good projects represent your original thinking and synthesis, combined with the knowledge you have gained at the galleries and through research.


( I will upload pic of three paintings I choose with the information )

for the tour guide’s name, his name is James Scott and his favorite work is The Adoration of the Magi and I will upload pic with information.


second assignment:


Extra Credit may be earned by attending events designated by the instructor. The student will be expected

to not only attend an event, but produce documentation (in the form of any gallery guides, pamphlets, etc),

as well as write a critique of at least 750 words about the event. Extra Credit will be awarded according to

the demonstration of insight, application of knowledge from the class, and interaction with the materia.

(Up to 20 points).Studentsare, of course, encouraged to attend events for added insight (and enjoyment!)

this assignment about the Washington National Cathedral and you can get info about event on the website:

( notes that i’m muslim,you can’t talk about my personal opinion. )

Thank you!

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