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July 15, 2019
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July 15, 2019

Women In Ancient Greece

Use the links below to access a wide variety of websites dedicated to Women in Ancient Cultures. Search these sites and find one topic or article which is interesting and that is related to Greek Women during the Classical Age. Then write a on the chosen topic. I do not want a “report.” Rather, have a thesis and support that thesis with gathered information from the research.

What You Should Do:

Using the links below (or any others that you choose), search the many sites listed to find one topic about Women in Ancient Greece (not Rome!) which you find interesting. Please write a paper that is at least two pages in length which focuses on a particular theme or article. You must have a thesis and support your thesis with information gleaned from the websites. Also use any material or references from the Lysistrata within the body of the paper. Be sure you cite the sources used.

Sites to investigate:

Note: Any information included in the paper that is borrowed from another source MUST be documented.

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