Week 8 discussion: assessing sources of statements

Ba 2500 final part 1
November 28, 2021
Prepare a 1,050 to 1,400-word paper in which you examine basic concepts of human interaction from a psychology perspective. In your examination, describe at least two examples of how human behavior changes based on social situations. In your description be sure to address the following for each of the examples. Describe the specific behaviors.
November 28, 2021

Week 8 discussion: assessing sources of statements

Step 1 Review the dialogue.

Dagmar: We should vote for the bond issue to build a new park.

Jae: No way! That’s going to cost the taxpayers a fortune, and I won’t even use that park.

Dagmar: You might not use it, but it will make our property values higher, and will provide an important resource for the city’s residents.

Jae: I don’t want to pay for a park. It’s a white elephant. I’d rather see the city spend money on something that is going to bring in money and create jobs.

Dagmar: Well, my mom says that there are plenty of jobs associated with a park.

Jae: What does your mom know?

Step 2 In your original post, address the following questions relating to the dialogue.

  • How should we evaluate the statements made by Jae and Dagmar?
  • What makes for good evidence?
  • Does one of these speakers have a stronger case than the other?
  • Are they arguing on the same emotional level, or is one speaker more emotional than the other?

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