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February 24, 2021
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February 24, 2021

week 5 assignment 34 – Custom Nursing Help

Part 1:
Identify and describe essential behaviors of the team leaders and team members in developing work teams into high performance teams.
Part 2:
How can organizations identify or develop behaviors such as these in team leaders and members?

Include a running head in your APA document that includes your name
Use headings to guide your reader (and grader) through your sections and thought processes
Include a References page
Cite and reference in APA format from any sources that you use.Remember:
I do not accept any “Google-type” search results, such as “.com” web pages.
If you include a reference in your references page, it must be cited somewhere in the document
If you cite in your paper, which you should do, make sure you include it in your references list
If you copy text from a source (even if you change a word here or there), insure that you format it as a quote in APA format.

Submit to Turnitin Week 5 Assignment5.
Maximum page length (double-spaced):2
Minimum current references: 1 in addition to the references.
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