Wall Street Journal Todays Top Supply Chain and Logistics

Communicate more strategically with the organization’s key decision makers
February 23, 2021
Explain the advantages and disadvantages of a partial retention program to the Swift Corporation
February 23, 2021

Wall Street Journal Todays Top Supply Chain and Logistics

The article will be your selection from the previous weeks WSJ journal. Article should be concerning strategy, operations, supply chain operations etc. Your summary will consist of the following:
WSJ Journal link:
Title Page: You will put class, your name, article assignment number, date, and article Title on title page.

Article Summary (1/2) page. Summarize the article in a paragraph or two. Make sure you have covered the main points of the article.
Takeaway or lessons learned. Summarize what you have learned from the article-a takeaway for the future, lesson learned etc. Show me or prove to me you are thinking about what the article is about and how you can use the information in the article.
Copy of the article: You will print out a copy of the article and staple it to the summary
Article should be new not more than 6 months old.

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