Choose any of the literature that you have read in this course and
November 24, 2021
The process of how a first-time juvenile offender versus an adult offender might be handled by police
November 24, 2021

W7: security threat groups (stgs)


Just as gangs pose a threat to law enforcement agencies in free society, Security Threat Groups (STGs) pose a threat to the security of an incarceration facility for correctional agencies. The same individuals that are members of gangs in free society comprise the membership of a STG in prison.

In your initial response, define what constitutes a STG in an incarceration facility. Next, discuss the reasons why inmates that were not part of a gang in free society may decide to join a STG while incarcerated. Finally, identify at least one strategy that correctional administrators might implement to control and monitor STGs within a correctional facility.


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