Value of graduate degree | English homework help

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November 28, 2021
BUS 670 Week 4 Legal and Ethical Issues”
November 28, 2021

Value of graduate degree | English homework help

A recent article in the Wall Street Journal questions whether a master’s degree is worth the cost. What can I do if I am hired by Northeastern University to create a strategic communications plan to assert that graduate education is a valuable investment? 

About the background, Describe the organization and its mission. Describe its industry and its major partners or competitors. Describe how well known the organization is and its reputation. Provide other background information relevant to developing a communications campaign.

And situation analysis. Describe what is going on currently with the organization in terms of a significant problem or opportunity. Also, describe the challenges or obstacles to addressing the problem or opportunity.

Last part is Core Problem or Opportunity. Describe exactly what the organization is trying to
accomplish and the consequences of not
achieving the desired results.


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