Transgender Care and the Health Care Professional

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July 10, 2019
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July 10, 2019

Transgender Care and the Health Care Professional

Transgender patients face an extreme amount of resistance and discrimination within the community daily.  Unfortunately, the health care arena is no exception.  What challenges do transgender patients face within healthcare?  How does discrimination from healthcare providers impact the transgender community?  Afterward, what can be done to change or alleviate this issue–what program, system, or process can be created to help the transgender patient and the healthcare provider.  How would you ensure that transgender patients don’t experience discrimination or ambivalence when seeking healthcare?

Your paper should be between 4-5 pages long, not including your cover and reference page.  A minimum of three PEER REVIEWED ARTICLES OR JOURNALS are required.

APA 6th edition format will be strictly enforced.

Please summit proof on TURNITIN


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