People often take shortcuts in problem solving and quickly arrive at answers. Known as heuristics, these shortcuts may increase the speed of decisions but may also decrease the accuracy of those decisions. The experiment used in this assignment deals with inaccurate decisions based on the conjunction fallacy, where people think the chance of two events happening at the same time is greater than just one event occurring. However, the chance of one event occurring is greater than two events occurring
November 27, 2021
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November 27, 2021

The value of a college education

The Value of a College Education 

(1700 – 2000 words or 4 to 6 pages plus a Works Cited page with 5+ references)


The cost of a college education is an issue that is currently debated by society: parents 

who pay for their children’s education, college administrators who struggle with 

managing rising costs, and students themselves who must balance the cost of a college 

education with the value that such an education brings to their lives. The question is 

“Should college be free?”


“Should college education be partially or completely 

subsidized by state and federal government?”

Donald Gutierrez, a university English professor, has written an essay, “Attending 

College Must Be Free Again (For the Country’s Own Sake),” which addresses the issue 

of a free public college education. He maintains that college should be free for all 

qualifying students. How does he argue his position? How persuasive is his argument? 

How does Professor Gutierrez argue his claim? What rhetorical strategies does he use? Is 

he effective in making his argument? 


Write a 4 to 6-page paper (1700 -1800 words – plus a Works Cited page) in formal, 

academic language and MLA format (Times New Roman 12-point font, one inch margins 

on all sides, MLA heading and running head, and a Works Cited page) in which you 

analyze the rhetoric of Gutierrez’s essay and analyze his claim of policy. (See more 

detailed instructions below.)


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