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April 25, 2022
For this discussion, take into consideration the factors that affect a test’s utility, which was identified in your Psychological Testing and Assessment text as psychometric soundness, costs, and bene
April 25, 2022

the “Cambrian Explosion,”

One of the most mysterious times in the history of Earth is that of the “Cambrian Explosion,” when in a short period of time (few millions of years) most of the animal ancestors of all animals alive today (including humans) suddenly appeared. Why did the “Cambrian Explosion” happen, knowing that before this event absolutely no other faunal explosions happened in billions of years of Earth’s history? It is too mysterious that all happened right at the Cambrian, and, further, if not for this event no animal we are familiar with today would exist. Watch the video posted (youtube video’s URL link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R5_XLVqrTlM) and write an essay of at least two paragraphs long about this mystery. Each of these paragraphs must containing at least five sentences (you can write more than two paragraphs and more than five sentences per paragraph if you wish to do so). The content of your essay must not match other published documents by more than 25% in your SafeAssign Report and MUST INCLUDE INFORMATION FROM THE VIDEO and your academic opinion. References are optional. This assignment can be submitted twice.


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