thales and philosophy | Philosophy homework help

case study 9: brookhaven national laboratory
November 28, 2021
Anyone want to help with my final assignment…….6-8 pages…..PLEASE,”Summit Elementary School is a new school that will open in the fall. Summit will serve approximately 500 low income students living in the inner city. The student body will consist mostly of African Americans, Hispanic Americans, Asian Americans, Arab Americans, and American Indians. Because of your extensive coursework and experience with diverse populations, you have been asked to create a small handbook for incoming teachers and mental health professionals with important information such family influences, religion, cultural characteristics, gender roles, socioeconomic status, language and communication, current issues, and best practices for working with these groups.
November 28, 2021

thales and philosophy | Philosophy homework help

 Week 1 Thales and Philosophy
Please pick one of the following questions to answer for the forum this week:

Discuss what makes Thales’ method of knowing distinctly philosophical as opposed to mythology and religion. 
Explain how Thales’ approach would be considered radical during his time, yet also simplistic. 
Thales’ approach to making sense of the world would be handled by what academic field(s) of study today?

400-450 words excluding minimum of 2 references, APA style format


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