Teaching Resource for a Girl with an Unplanned Pregnancy

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April 26, 2022
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April 26, 2022

Teaching Resource for a Girl with an Unplanned Pregnancy

You are assigned to care for a 14 year old girl who experiences an unplanned pregnancy. She lives with her single mother, who works at a local clinic as a Medical Assistant. The girl’s mother does not want the girl to keep the baby, because having a baby at this age will make her life more difficult. The girl wants to raise the baby, and has taken a part time job. The girl’s boyfriend is 16 and is supportive, but his parents are not. Create a teaching resource for her, outlining local resources to help her make an informed decision on how she will face her future. Your paper should be written in APA format, 2 – 3 pages in length in addition to the cover page and reference page.
Be sure to do the following in your paper:

Discuss the psychosocial impact of pregnancy on the teen and her family. What are some local resources for psychosocial support?
Discuss the socioeconomic impact of pregnancy on the teen and her family. What local resources for support such as local pregnancy care agencies, adoption agencies, are available to her? Be sure to discuss the importance of prenatal care. What resources are available to the teen in your local area? How might she go about obtaining Medicaid if necessary?
Discuss legal and ethical issues that are important in the case of teen pregnancy, and what agencies might be of assistance to the teen may in your local area. Be sure to address the entire family, including the pregnant teen, her significant other, and the prospective grandparents of the baby.
Discuss the role of family violence, sexual violence and drug abuse or use in the case of teen pregnancies, and offer resources for the teen, should she need them.
Discuss the various educational resources in your local area such as: exercise for pregnancy classes, prenatal classes, breastfeeding classes, grandparent’s classes and other educational support resources for the teen.
Discuss the role of work and schooling. What regulations are there regarding the number of hours she will be permitted to work, and how will this impact her schooling?

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