Stress and the body | Biology homework help

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November 28, 2021
So far in this class, you have reflected upon past positive experiences from your life and you have applied various life theories to these experiences. Now it is time to use what you have learned about these theories and past experiences to set ongoing goals for your educational and professional future. Identify and describe three goals: One personal, one professional, and one academic goal for your major field of study in the online environment.For each of your three goals, apply the SMART goal process and explain each component. (Review the SMART Goal Article and Activity from Week 3 to help answer this question.)Create an accountability plan for meeting each of your goals. How will you overcome obstacles?Predict success in achieving your goals based on your past positive experiences, your individual personality (as determined by the trait approach discussed in chapter six), and your major field of study.”
November 28, 2021

Stress and the body | Biology homework help

Discuss factors that produce psychological stress and emphasize how they may vary from person to person.

Include ways in which the human body attempts to maintain homeostasis during its response to stress.
Identify some pleasant and unpleasant stressors. 
Discuss how the definition of stressors varies amongst the class 

Discussion Expectations:  
The minimum requirements for class discussions are to respond directly to the discussion prompt and to respond to at least two other posts, by other students or the instructor, by the end of the week. The discussion will close on the due date and will NOT be reopened for a late submission. 

Submit one main post responding directly to each part of the discussion prompt(s) by Thursday at 11:59 PM ET.

This should be a substantive response (between 75 -150 words minimum) to the topic(s) in your own words, referencing (using APA format) what you have discovered in your required reading and other learning activities.
You may use resources in addition to your textbook that supports your post(s); however, you must mention the source(s) that you used in your post(s) using APA format in-text citations and reference lists. You can review APA formatting here:


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