Social media wk 3 | Education homework help

Questions db week 11 health policy and politics | health policy and poltics | Berkeley College of New York
November 27, 2021
assume you re writing a brief report for your boss on a shark tank segment of your own choosing
November 27, 2021

Social media wk 3 | Education homework help

 Select a scholarly article on social media and education 

Summarize the article BRIEFLY. 
Identify the purpose of the research and describe the claims and conclusions the author(s) make(s). 
Describe the results of the research and how they conducted it. Do the results support the author(s) claims? 
How does this research fit into the big picture? Connect your article with the lessons from the week or the course as a whole. 
In your opinion, can you apply this research to “real life?” 


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