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Six Sigma Yellow Belt Training II

Purpose of Assignment
The purpose of this assignment is for students to receive Six Sigma Yellow Belt Training Executing DMAIC Six Sigma quality improvement (analyze, improve, and control) projects.
Assignment Steps
Resources: Microsoft® PowerPoint®
Use the same business your team chose and has been observing and collecting data for the Week 3 Learning Team Assignment. THE COMPANY WE CHOSE WAS USAA. MY PART IS THE BOLD PART. 3 SLIDES NEEDED
Execute the analyze phase of the Six Sigma DMAIC project including the following:

Determine the most likely causes of defects.
Understand why defects are generated by identifying the key variables most likely to create process variation.
Identify necessary/unnecessary process steps.

Execute the improve phase of the Six Sigma DMAIC project including the following:

Identify means to remove the causes of defects.
Confirm the key variables and quantify their effects on the critical-to-quality characteristics (CTQs).
Identify the maximum acceptance ranges of the key variables and a system for measuring deviations of the variables.
Modify the process to stay within an acceptable range.

Execute the control phase of the Six Sigma DMAIC project including the following:

Determine how to maintain the improvements.
Determine how to monitor and control improvements.
Put tools in place to ensure that the key variables remain within the maximum acceptance ranges under the modified process.

Utilize all analytical tools available for Six Sigma as permitted or appropriate including, but not limited to: flowcharts, run charts, Pareto charts, checksheets, cause-and-effect diagrams, opportunity flow diagram, process control charts, failure mode and effect analysis (FMEA), design of experiments (DOE) and lean tools. Students can use templates located in the text or online sources.
Develop a 10- to 15-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation, including talking points, highlighting your work on the three phases of the Six Sigma process improvement project.
Format your assignment as if you would be giving a presentation to senior management.
Compile the slides from the Week 3 Learning Team Assignment, “Improve and Control Phases,” with your Week 5 slides into a final PowerPoint® presentation to be submitted for final credit.
Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.
Note: Grades are awarded based upon individual contributions to the Learning Team assignment. Each Learning Team member receives a grade based upon his/her contributions to the team assignment. Not all students may receive the same grade for the team assignment.
Note: Congratulations! You all have now been exposed to Phase II what is required for Yellow Belt training.
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