second grade subtraction 3 – Nursing Paper Help

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May 3, 2021
Describe which organizational structure a major, nationwide insurance company would likely use and why
May 3, 2021

second grade subtraction 3 – Nursing Paper Help

Video Presentations:

The groups will upload a 1 ½-2 minute video presentation of each of the six activities (6 videos total) describing and modeling for the class the six activities selected to the group Wiki
Act out teaching the activity
Group members and/or “extras” (friends and family) can pretend to be students in the videos
Your face must be visible in the video
Be sure to include your name to show which video is yours

Written Description (Follow the template below for EACH activity)

Name of your Group (e.g. Team Social Studies):
Your Name
The material/task you plan to teach:
The age group being taught:
Topics to be covered based on your video:
A statement of whether the information is declarative, procedural, and/or conditional:
Your rationale for whether the material/task needs to be learned to recognition, recall, or automaticity. (If you select automaticity, you must justify this decision):
Your explanation of where the material/task fits into Bloom’s hierarchy (you can choose more than one level)
Teaching Activities

The behaviorist or constructivist activity you have developed
Integrate into this section an indication of whether any of these activities entails strategy instruction
Describe any materials you will need to obtain or develop

Statement of how you have integrated the best practices/guidelines covered in the text, including:

Distributed practice
Scaffolding of the students’ metacognition
Dual coding
Trying to ensure transfer
Reflection of how you are conveying high expectation to the students

Resources/References List:

The group will develop a list of references/resources (URL links, websites) based on their research and post it on the Wiki

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