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February 21, 2021
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February 21, 2021

Rock of Ages Case Study

This week’s written assignment, the ROA Case Study below, is focused on the first topic’s readings and the concepts and ideas surrounding strategic planning. The format of the work submitted will follow these strict guidelines:
Three-page case analysis on the Rock of Ages Company including:
Cover Page – Not counted in the three-page limit
Summary Section – Approximately one page outlining the management issues associated with the Rock of Ages Company
Management Actions – This section should be 1½ pages in length.
Conclusion Section – Any closing comments about the case you want to make from a management or strategic planning perspective; this should be approximately ½ page.
Bibliography with at minimum of three references (not counted in the three-page limit)

Task Description
Read the Rock of Ages Case Study and complete this assignment as outlined under “Deliverable.”
Management Actions – Answer the question: What do you recommend Rock of Ages Company do to address the management issues outlined in your Summary Section?

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