rhetorical analysis about the gay marriage

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May 5, 2021
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May 5, 2021

rhetorical analysis about the gay marriage

Assignment: For this essay, you need to write a detailed rhetorical analysis. To do this, you must first discern what argument the author is making, whether implicitly or directly stated. In other words, answer the following question: “What message or statement is the author making?” After arriving at the answer, analyze the effectiveness of the argument and how the argument persuades or does not persuade its intended audience. This does not mean you are to agree or disagree with the subject; rather, you should critique the author’s use of rhetorical techniques to persuade the reader (ethos/credibility of presentation, logos/logical approach and topic, pathos/approach toward audience).
I need a rough draft and the final draft for this assignment.
The reading required for this assignment is attached. You must read the pages to write this essay
Objectives: To recognize the pervasiveness of argument outside of traditional debate and critique an argument on academic (as opposed to emotional) grounds.
 To analyze the rhetorical situation of an argument, such as the following:o The intended audience

The argument’s context (social,cultural,political,economic,religious,etc) The purpose ofthe work (intentofauthor,goalofargument)
 To understand how the author employs rhetorical techniques, such as claims, warrants, the rhetorical triangle (logos, ethos, pathos), and word choice as methods of persuasion/argumentation.
 To learn how to identify errors in reasoning, including faulty logic or rhetorical fallacies.
 To write an essay that is thoroughly developed and logically organized.
 To incorporate in-text citations and develop a Works Cited page.
 To achieve a tone through content presentation that is both accessible and academic.Essay Requirements:

MLA style in-text citation and Work Cited page construction
Essay must be written in present-tense voice
Length: 3-4 complete pages, typed, double-spaced
12 point font (Times New Roman preferred)
Use of original text as source material, including direct quotations, paraphrases of quotations,and summary statements in lieu of a direct reference of text as basis for the analysis.Organization of the Essay:The introduction should accomplish the following tasks:

Introduce the author of the text and the work to which you are responding/analyzing
Provide a brief synopsis of the work and the author’s implicit or explicit argument(summary)
State your thesis, which will allude to your evaluation on the effectiveness of theargument based on your analysis of how the author approached his/her Purpose + Intended Audience + Context of the argument.In the body of the essay, analyze how the author uses the various rhetorical techniques to make an argument. Do not incorporate all of the rhetorical techniques in one paragraph; instead, find a consistent, coherent, and unified organizational pattern to establish the critique of the argument.

Consider the following as guiding themes to be covered in the body paragraphs:

What is the context and purpose of the argument? Does the writer achieve the goal according tothe context and purpose?
Who is the author’s intended audience? How do you know? How does the author connect ornot connect with that audience?
Is the argument made through logos? Pathos? Ethos? Which type of the rhetorical triangle isused most or least; is this effective or ineffective in persuading a reader based on the purpose ofthe text?
What language style does the author use (academic, slang, everyday speak, poetic or musical,etc)? What effect does this have? Is the language related to the logos, ethos, or pathos?
What assumptions (or warrants) does the author make? Based on intended audience, are thoseassumptions valid or invalid? Does the author employ logical fallacies? How and where?The conclusion should accomplish the following:

Summarize your argument on the author’s work (again, do not voice your opinion on theargument itself; rather, argue your feelings about the presentation and rhetorical techniquesused by the author).
Consider offering advice on how the author’s work could be more effective according to therhetorical situation or rhetorical techniques that may or may not have been present in the text as published.Essay Assignment Text

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