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June 17, 2022
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June 17, 2022

response to Karissa Rodriguez

response to Karissa Rodriguez
When conducting research, there are various study approaches, such as qualitative, quantitative, and mixed methods. While evidence-based research has been a foundation of nursing since the 1800s, when Florence Nightingale included it into her practices, it has become a basis for improving outcomes within today’s healthcare by utilizing these various processes (Chalmers & Cowdell, 2021). Quantitative research can consist of several study designs that provide numerical data, for example, clinical trials, cohort studies, and systematic reviews (Chalmers & Cowdell, 2021). In quantitative research, there is something known as an evidence pyramid which depicts that various designs provide different levels of certainty of the evidence (Chalmers & Cowdell, 2021). Qualitative research differs because it is based on theory, scientific depiction of individual people and cultures, case studies, and phenomenology. Certain techniques are used within qualitative research to gain data such as interviews, focus groups and observations (Das, 2021). The qualitative approach looks less at specificity and more so at the underlying principles and core elements (Chalmers & Cowdell, 2021). Mixed methods are commonly used in research and combine quantitative and qualitative procedures to understand the area of focus comprehensively. Utilizing mixed methods within research employs the strengths of qualitative and quantitative research and offsets any restrictions of using each approach singularly (Irvine et al., 2020). Mixed methods design variably combines the purpose, priority, sequence, embedding, and data integration which instructs strategic synthesis results to gain cumulative knowledge for practical clinical use or to create a change in public health (Das, 2021). Whether qualitative, quantitative, or mixed methods are applied within research, each approach provides unique components for how findings are derived.


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