Define ecology and explain different types of ecology
June 12, 2018
choose three (3) recent advances in genetics, development, and geology and explain two (2) ways your chosen advances have enriched our understanding of evolution
June 12, 2018

Research Topic ( Is Evolution True

Research Topic ( Is Evolution True)

Write an essay that reflects o the growing understanding of what Evolution is and what it isn’t. The essay should include your personl critique and evaluation as related to the concept of evolution. It should also include philosophical, theological, and sociological reflections as well as demonstrating a scientific understanding of evolution.

Evolution Research Paper Outline


What is Evolution?

Historical development of the ideas/hypotheses regarding Evolution

General literature review on how evolution ideas came about

Scientific Evidence about Evolution


Homologous structures



What is Natural Selection?

Is evolution a well supported, unifying principle or just a Theory?

Is Evolution Ture. -you decide

7 page 6 references


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