March 16, 2023
Complete an online Calculus class work
March 16, 2023



  1. Research and report on a work of Architecture from:
    • Any of the periods mentioned during the history lecture
    • Any other work of architecture of your own choosing
  2. The Work of Architecture can either be:
    • A building
    • A structure
  3. After choosing and developing the study, describe the following:
    • The period (What year, century, etc.) of the structure(s)
    • It’s specific style of design
    • Who built it and for what purpose (but do not elaborate on the architect who built it. You can choose this person for your third oral report)
    • Other factors, such as economic, social, geographical and controversial.
    • How it influenced you
  4. This report will be done in the form of a PowerPoint presentation (5 to 8 Slides)
  5. Use graphics (i.e. pictures, video, links, etc.)
  6. Cite ALL references on the last slide

Other comments:

  • This report is worth 60 points
  • You must NOT plagiarize!! Do your own work!
  • Be sure to ASK questions if you have problems.


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