Reflect on Group Experience writing homework help

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March 16, 2023
March 16, 2023

Reflect on Group Experience writing homework help

Using the information from your reading, reflect on how you interacted in your group and how the group as a whole functioned. You may write in 1st person for this assignment. Then, write a substantive reflection in approximately 500 words. In your reflection address the questions and criteria in this assignment. Reference your sources appropriately according to APA guidelines.

What roles did you and the other members play?
Discuss the verbal communication in your group.
What were some of your group norms? Were these stated or assumed?
What types of interpersonal interaction took place in the group?
What stages of group development did your group go through? How do you know?

Include in your reflection:

An example of group roles played.
An example of communication patterns in your group.
An explanation of some group norms.
An example of interpersonal interaction that took place.
An example explaining the stage of group development achieved.

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