Real estate law questions law homework help

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March 16, 2023
March 16, 2023

Real estate law questions law homework help


You must give the Source(s) of your answers and please provide PAGE NUMBERS from the TEXT (if applicable); or specific name of websites, other sources, etc.) If you do not give your Sources WITH SPECIFICITY you will not get credit.

ANSWERS DUE: No later than 8 pm (Eastern Time) Sunday June 4, 2917.
1. Explain/define what Insured Mortgage Loans and Guaranteed Mortgage Loans are. Provide descriptions of (2) TWO different insured or guaranteed mortgage programs.
2. Find (and provide in your answer) a website that explains/discusses the aspects of a Reverse Mortgage Loan. Explain the differences between a Reverse Mortgage Loan and a Conventional Mortgage Loan.
3. Find (and provide in your answer) and explore a website to a bank or credit union in your community (local or national). What types of “products” do they offer for people looking for a mortgage or to refinance their existing mortgage. What are (2) two things you learned from exploring this website. Explain in detail. I am in Georgia.
4. Compare and contrast a Fully Amortized Loan and an Interest-Only Loan.
5. Look at Exhibit 9-1 starting on pg. 274 of the Text. Here is a payment breakdown for a 15-year mortgage for $100,000. Is this a fixed rate mortgage or an adjustable rate mortgage? What are your thoughts about how much interest is paid compared to the principal? The Amortization Schedule is at Exhibit 9-2.… link for Exhibit 9-1… link for Exhibit 9-2
Textbook Practical Real Estate Law – 3 Year Option, 7th Edition
Daniel F. Hinkel
Chapter 9
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