Discussion 2: Later Life Considerations
June 25, 2022
Reply to 8-1 AO
June 25, 2022


Describe in a well-developed paragraph that includes a thesis the development focus of each of these groups:1. Middle Childhood2. Adolescence3. Early Adulthood4. Middle Adulthood1. Describe how identity of self is developed in middle childhood and continued in adolescence, early adulthood, and middle adulthood, including one concrete example of how growth occurs for each stage.2. Explain how interpersonal relationships, including those from family and school, experience growth from childhood to adolescence to early and middle adulthood. Include a relevant personal example for each stage.3. Describe how intimacy is apparent in middle childhood and contrast this with intimacy in the adolescent and the young adult.4. Compare and contrast the physical and cognitive changes of early and middle adulthood.Explain how what you have learned in this course has aided you in the understanding of the four stages covered so far: middle childhood, adolescence, early adulthood, and middle adulthood. Give an example for each stage that describes how you would apply the information learned in that stage to your future profession.
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