PSYC 3003 DISCUSSION QUESTION – My Nursing Assignment

Explain the process of evidence-based analysis, please view additional information listed below.
April 16, 2022
Strategic Plan as a senior hospital administrator
April 17, 2022

PSYC 3003 DISCUSSION QUESTION – My Nursing Assignment

Go to the “Psychology Topics” web page on the APA website. Choose one topic that interests you, and develop your own research hypothesis based on that topic. link is here>>>>>> American Psychological Association. (2015). Psychology topics. Retrieved from
Think about what you might select as the independent and dependent variables in a study you could design to test your hypothesis.
Consider how you would select your sample and recruit participants to test your hypothesis.


Provide a brief description of your topic . Note: Include your topic in the “Subject” field of your post.
Clearly state the research hypothesis you generated for the topic you selected, and identify the independent variable and dependent variable in your hypothesis.
Explain the sampling method (probability or nonprobability) and the particular technique (e.g., simple random sampling, systematic random sampling, stratified sampling, cluster sampling, snowball sampling, convenience sampling) that would be ideal to test your proposed hypothesis.
Explain how the proposed sampling technique would be carried out as it applies to your proposed study idea (i.e., how you would use this method to recruit participants).

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