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GRAD Level Assignment, Human Resources Management, APA, 3 minimum References. See description.
February 23, 2021
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February 23, 2021

Process Improvement – Top Premier Essays

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Write a 2–3-page report about the organizational problem and the process that will be at the center of your OIP for Toyota.Note: You must complete Assessment 1 before you can begin any of the other assessments in the course.SHOW MORE
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According to a 2011 case study, Southwest Airlines is uniquely positioned to weather uncertain economic circumstances (Inkpen, 2011). Why has Southwest Airlines been more successful in its industry than other airlines? The same question can be asked in other industries. Why can Wal-Mart outperform Kmart and survive successfully, when the two cater to similar customers? Why has managed to outpace and outperform Barnes & Noble?SHOW MORE
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To deepen your understanding, you are encouraged to consider the questions below and discuss them with a fellow learner, a work associate, an interested friend, or a member of the business community.SHOW MORE
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Suggested Resources
The resources provided here are optional and support the assessment. You may use other resources of your choice to prepare for this assessmentÍž However, you will need to ensure that they are appropriate, credible, and valid. They provide helpful information about the topics in this unit. The MBA-FP6022 – Strategic Operations Management Library Guide can help direct your research. The Supplemental Resources and Research Resources, both linked from the left navigation menu in your courseroom, provide additional resources to help support you.
Toyota Specific Resources
Gerondeau (2015). How Toyota recovered from a huge crisis. What can be learned from it. Retrieved from
Khan, R. (2010). The Toyota crisis [Video]. Retrieved from
Toyota Motor Corporation. (n.d.). The origin of the Toyota production system. Retrieved from…
Trudell, C., & Yuki, H. (2014). Toyota recalls more than 6 million vehicles worldwide. Retrieved from…

Assessment Instructions
Note: You must complete Assessment 1 before beginning this assessment.Write a report that explores an existing process in need of improvement at Toyota at the time of the 2010 accelerator crisis. This process will be at the center of your operations improvement plan (OIP). This assessment should build on the work you did in Assessment 1, looking more closely at key details.Your report should outline your process improvement idea and include the following elements:
Problem statement: What exactly needs to be improved? Use problem framing and cause-and-effect analysis to develop a brief, preliminary problem statement. Note: You will expand your problem statement in Assessment 3.
Background of the issue: Detail relevant historical data, including how long the problem has been occurring and what it is costing the organization. Note: You are not expected to provide specific data results at this early stage of your investigation.
Impact: What could happen if the problem continues as it is? What could happen if the process is improved? Outline both tangible and intangible pros and cons for improving the issue or ignoring it. Identify some potential general business results and impacts on business relationships.
Desired outcome: How will your new process be different from the old? What competitive advantages will it yield? How will it impact stakeholders? Consider the cost-benefits of the process improvement, estimating how much will it cost the organization and outlining how costs will be offset by the benefits derived.
The work you do for this assessment will inform your work in future assessments. You will also draw on it for the final, comprehensive OIP that you will submit in Assessment 6.
Additional Requirements
Length of assessment: 3–5 typed, double-spaced pages.
APA formatting: Format resources and citations according to APA style and formatting.
Font and font size: Times New Roman, 12 point.
Process Improvement Scoring Guide
VIEW SCORING GUIDEUse the scoring guide to enhance your learning.How to use the scoring guide

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