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May 5, 2021
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May 5, 2021

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Choose to answer ONE of the following:
A. Human Aggression: We certainly can observe that human societies have as much intra-group and inter-group aggression as certain primate societies, like chimpanzees. Choose either intra-group or inter-group aggression and explain how it is adaptive to human societies. Do you think humans can ever overcome their aggressive tendencies to form social unity? What would have to happen?
B. Human Relationships: To what extent does biology/instinct influence our cultural ideas about family and marriage? In what ways do humans seem to “go against” or “overcome” our instincts with regard to relationships? Explain your answers in detail.
C. Human Sexual Behavior: Students often observe that humans engage in sexual behaviors that are often not “procreative” (result in conception of a child), and wonder why these behaviors would be so common if they are not affecting reproduction. Are these non-procreative sexual behaviors adaptive in some way? Explain your answer in detail. (Note: if you are uncomfortable discussing sexual topics, you are in no way obligated to answer or reply to this question. Please be sure to not be too informal or in any way disrespectful in discussion of sexual topics).
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