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February 24, 2021
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February 24, 2021

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360-Degree Appraisal
The 360-degree appraisal approach entails collecting performance information from several workers who interact with the employee being evaluated. For example, information can be collected from supervisors, subordinates, customers, and peers. In some situations, employees also evaluate their own work as a part of the 360-degree appraisal process. The 360-degree appraisal is designed to provide a comprehensive perspective on an employee’s performance. Some organizations use the 360-degree appraisal process mainly for developmental purposes because the results can be contradicting. The 360-degree appraisal process is a helpful foundational step to learning an employee’s strengths and weaknesses and then using that information for generating goals for MBO. Most employees prefer the 360-degree appraisal process because of its comprehensiveness and the amount of information that emerges from multiple sources. The following image is an example of different individuals who could potentially evaluate an employee during a 360-degree appraisal.
Potential Individuals Involved in a 360-Degree Feedback Appraisal Process

Create a slide presentation that you will be presenting to your entire organization relating to the implementation of a 360-degree feedback appraisal process. Prepare 10-15 slides and notes to go along with each.
Make a persuasive presentation. As the VP of HR (known for being creative and intelligent), your task will be to define this unique performance management appraisal tool, how it will be implemented, the added value to each employee of using this type of system, and what the consequences might be of an employee receiving a low rating.

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