April 25, 2022
Use the readings from your Psychological Testing and Assessment text, Embretson’s 2004 article, “The Second Century of Ability Testing: Some Predictions and Speculations,” and additional research to c
April 25, 2022

Power Point Presentation

Benjamin Bloom’s TaxonomyWho was Benjamin Bloom?  How, when, and why did he develop his Bloom’s Taxonomy?Explain each of the six stages of the original Bloom’s pyramid and how and why they’ve changed over the years.The group should provide sample academic tasks or assignments that illustrate each level of Bloom’s.  Identify workplace tasks that represent each level of Bloom’s and explain your selection.Basically you are required to use at least one “article” or outside source and to create at lease 10 slides including an intro slide with a picture of you or your group on it and the information about you specified in the instructions. You also need a conclusion slide, and an APA style References slide. Make sure you use a full citation for your outside source or sources on the References slide. Make sure you do an APA style in-text style citation on any slide containing information you got from the outside source. Make sure every slide you create has no more than four sentences of type on it, has a photo or other “artwork” such as an illustration or chart (something besides type).


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