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July 15, 2019
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July 15, 2019

photonic lab report to do,

Hi, I have a photonic lab report to do, I wrote the method and materials and I posted some pictures. 

I need you to help me by writing the report in an academic way , introduction, mothed, result, discussion 

Method and materials

A light source, filter lens, two polarization lenses, four Translation Stage, 40x objective lens(blue), 10x objective lens(yellow), a camera with a USB cable, sample made of gold,

At first, we installed the light source (green laser)then respectively we fixed the filter lens and then the 40x objective lens and in the opposite way the 10x objective lens, and on the same line, so that the distance between the 40x objective lens and the 10x objective lens is the focal length of each lens. they fixed In the direction of the camera,

we set the 40x objective lens. On the two Translation Stage, so that we get the dimension of x-axes and y-axes, and then we installed the golden sample on a Translation Stage in the middle between the 40x and 10x and is moved horizontally and vertically.

In the beginning, we used the green laser so that we could get a more accurate measurement and the materials would be in a straight line, then we replaced it with white light


when we used the microscope, we have detected some holes


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