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January 24, 2021
which Strategies does the facility utilizes to monitor and maintain its risk management program?
January 24, 2021

Phlebotomy Help

• APA style (typed) 5-page paper on any blood order disease you choose.
1. Page 1: Title Page (see APA handout)
2. Pages 2-4: Three full pages on your topic
3. Page 6: Reference page (see APA handout)
• Paper must be written according to APA style handout
• All papers must be properly cited
• Poster board type display must accompany paper for presentation to peers
• If any portion of your paper is plagiarized and not properly cited will receive a zero “0” grade.
• Late papers/projects will not be accepted, unless approved prior to due date by the instructor, and will receive a zero “0” grade


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