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For example, you might discuss what you learned from their musings and how you have learned from similar experiences. You might add to the understanding of the points they have raised. You might comment on the value of the intellectual traits they have discussed. You might discuss how these traits can help us to be more successful in our daily lives. You might comment on some aspect of the Chapter or any other resources you have used during this course as they may relate to the discussion. Enjoy. Respond in 5 sentences or more.

Week 5- Discussion:

Three Valuable Intellectual Traits for Critical Thinking

There are many valuable intellectual traits that I plan to strengthen so that I can be a more critical thinker and evaluator in my world and with people I encounter, but the three that I want to focus on first and foremost are Intellectual Humility, Intellectual Courage and Intellectual Empathy. I believe these three are the most necessary for me to strengthen as I learn to evaluate and think critically in my daily life because they utilize the more emotional and human attributes in arguments. Intellectual Humility reminds me that I cannot argue more than I actually know. I must realize that my knowledge base is limited in certain areas (most, really), so I can only make claims using information that is available and understood by me. I must also realize that another person may have much more knowledge about certain arguments and going into a discussion, I may believe my conclusion to be correct, but upon discussing it with another person, I may have to concede that I am not. Intellectual Courage can lead from the first trait. When I realize that I have much to learn about something, I must pursue knowledge and learn all I can so that I can present accurate information and make educated claims. In turn, I must have courage to look at the counter arguments in discussions that make me uncomfortable or go against what I believe or can accept. Intellectual Empathy may be my most needed trait. I have an easy time having empathy towards others when it’s about something that I have firsthand knowledge or experience in, and when they have a similar viewpoint as myself, but this is contrary to when empathy in intellectual settings is required. Having intellectual empathy asks me to step into another’s shoes and try to fully understand their viewpoint and their claims, whether I am comfortable or familiar with them, or not. These three traits ask me to remember my humanity when dealing with others or when dealing with arguments that I do not fully understand or accept, but the humanity comes in when I can use these traits effectively and remember that I am dealing with real people and sometimes real issues that cause much emotional turmoil or charge. When I can utilize these traits effectively, hopefully I will be able to become a more critical thinker, effective argument maker, all while keeping my kindness and care toward my fellow man.


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