Personal development plan | Applied Sciences homework help

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November 27, 2021
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November 27, 2021

Personal development plan | Applied Sciences homework help

Personal Development Plan  
A development plan is a key component of a performance management plan because it guides performance improvement and helps with employee buy-in. Create a short-term development plan (1-2 years) and a long-term development plan (3-5 years) for yourself. In your plan, address these items:

Development objectives,
How skills will be acquired,
A timeline for acquisition, and
Standards and measures for assessing improvement.

Keep the following in mind:

You are writing your own development plan. First, complete an assessment of your professional needs and/or deficiencies and career plans (e.g., complete HCM degree) and then write the plan. Assume you are submitting the development plan to your faculty member, the manager.
With the exception of a cover page, no citations or references are required for this assignment. This should be an honest assessment of your professional needs/deficiencies and career plans. 
Your plan should be organized in a clearly labeled table with appropriate headings. 
For      examples of templates for development plans please see:


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