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July 14, 2019
SYSEN 533 Deterministic Modeling and Simulation
July 14, 2019


750 words. Read an article in a peer-reviewed journal in the field of public administration or public policy that utilizes a qualitative research methodology. Organize your paper with each of the following sections clearly numbered:

  1. Give the bibliographic citation for the article.
  2. Provide a brief summary of the research question (i.e., purpose of the study).
  3. Describe the author’s rationale for using qualitative methods in the study.
  4. Describe the data collection and analysis procedures.
  5. Did the qualitative researcher also use any quantitative methods, including unobtrusive (measurements of which the subject is unaware) ones? Explain your answer.
  6. Was the research purpose of the study achieved? That is, the author had a research perspective in mind. Please refer only to that and not the project’s conclusions. Explain your answer.
  7. Can you identify any assumptions (biases) in the author’s approach or conclusions?
  8. Do you think that another type of qualitative or quantitative method could have worked better in addressing the research question? Explain your answer.
  9. In your opinion, what is your overall evaluation of the study? What are the weak areas? What are the strong areas?

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