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May 5, 2021
What are the protein requirements for Liz and Larry based upon the information provided and their athletic status?
May 5, 2021

Operations Management homework help

 Propose the future Business Level Strategy for The Atholl Hotel, an independently owned hotel .
The guideline length is 4000 – 4500 words, the challenge being to sift and present relevant information concisely.
Criteria for Assessment – Questions

Environmental scanning

Start by providing a brief SWOT of the business.
Draw upon environmental scanning tools       considered in class, and your knowledge substantiated through the       visit/seminar and your data collection to appraise the operating       environment in which the hotel operates
Complete an 8-force (Porter’s Five Force, plus       market size, market growth, and regulation) analysis of the Aberdeen city       accommodation industry.

Identify the strategic options open to the Atholl      Hotel.
Based on your “options” from Q.2, and looking to      the future, provide your recommendation on which option to follow, with      full justification.
Devise a mission statement for the hotel.


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