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April 25, 2022
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April 25, 2022

ocean related topic

For this discussion, select an ocean-related topic. Some examples could include a particular ocean, sea, inlet, gulf or bay. It could include any specific coastal area, a current, a submarine feature like a seamount or mid-ocean ridge. It could be a type of seafloor sediment, a trench, or beach. It could be a process, like tides, wave properties, or thermohaline circulation. It could even be a biological organism or community, or an environmental or economic issue.This is to be a VERY open ended set of topics. The only limitation is that you tie the topic in with oceanography and specifically address how your topic relates to the concepts presented in the textbook chapters that we cover in this section.

Create a discussion thread with the name your topic as the title of the thread. (Students may not post a thread for a topic that has already been posted by another student – so read the threads in the discussion carefully before posting.)Compose your posts IN YOUR OWN WORDS. In your post, compose a paragraph or two and include the following:

  • Place the name of your topic in the TITLE OF THE THREAD.
  • Then in the body of your post, include …….. :
  • Discuss how it relates to the oceanographic concepts covered in this class.
  • Discuss the value or significance of your topic.
  • Why should the rest of us be interested.
  • Feel free to include an image or map illustrating something about your topic (not required).
  • Include the NAMES and SOURCES of the materials you used to find the information you used in your post.

topics that is already taken

tampa bay, the indian ocean, the gulf of mexico, the pacific ocean, the atlantic ocean, Mediterranean sea, kiwa hirsuta- yeti crab, the dead sea (salinity), how deep is the ocean?- challenger deep, the Antarctic ocean, Jacuzzi of despair, red sea, the mariana trench, Apalachicola bay, arctic ocean


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