a j is 15 years old female student involved in gymnastics and complains of left leg pain following a landing in a awkward position the left leg pain is isolated in the front lateral aspect of the knee
May 4, 2021
Managing Projects – The Nursing TermPaper
May 4, 2021

NR 439 Week 2 Discussions Posts

(Chamberlain – Spring 2016)
NR 439 Week 2 Discussion 1 – Describe a Significant Nursing Clinical Issue (graded)Reflect on your practice and identify a significant nursing clinical issue that you would like to search for evidence in online sources. This issue will be the basis for the Research Database Assignment that you will submit in Week 3. Formulate searchable, clinical questions in the PICO(T) format for your nursing clinical issue. Remember to integrate references.
NR 439 Week 2 Discussion 2 – Share a Research Database Description
Review the guidelines and grading rubric for the Research Database Assignment due in Week 3. Search for ONE research database that is relevant to your nursing clinical issue, briefly describe the issue you are investigating, and use the instructions on the form provided in Doc Sharing to write your review. Briefly describe your process for locating databases that contain relevant research studies. Did you have any difficulties or face any challenges?
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