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June 25, 2022
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June 25, 2022

Neurological Research Brochure

In  this assignment, you will create a paneled brochure describing the  anatomy of neurons, synaptic transmissions, and the functions of  neurotransmitters.Resource: Brochure BuilderImagine you are working for a neurological research center, and they need additional reading material for their waiting room.Create a 5- to 10-panel illustrated brochure that includes the following:The anatomy of a neuronA description of the neural impulseThe stages of neural conductionThe function of the primary neurotransmittersAn example of a physically painful experience that contrasts the  neural conduction process under normal circumstances and under the  influence of an opiate drugCite 2 to 3 peer-reviewed sources.Format citations inyour brochure consistent with APA guidelines.


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