how would you define need discuss some sources of information for assessing need in your opinion what source of information is the most important in terms of local state and federal funding and why
November 27, 2021
Potential strategies for the organization
November 27, 2021

need help with discussions 5

Discussion 1: Relational Databases

What is your understanding of Entity Integrity Vs Referential Integrity. Illustrated with simple examples for ease of understanding of the concepts.

Describe various types of keys in Relational Databases (Primary, Foreign, Superkey etc) with simple examples.

Describe 3 entities and illustrate different types of joins using these 3 entities. Assume you have three entities student, course & enrollment and these tables are related.

Discussion 2: ERD (Entity Relationship Diagram)

What are your thoughts on ERD and how does this fit into your design process?

2. Read and discuss various relationships associated with ERD (like one-to-many or many-to-many) with suitable examples using ER Assistant, Oracle Data Modeler or appropriate tool.

Each discussion needs to be 250 words min with at least 2 apa in text ciations and references.


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