In this unit, you are introduced to personality tests and issues with their development and use. One particular area of debate involves the inclusion of validity scales in tests of personality. While
June 21, 2022
Applying Professional Ethics in Program Evaluation
June 21, 2022

Literature Review Part 1

During Weeks 2 to 6, you will create the Literature Review section of the research proposal.Topic is on The social psychology of self-efficacythis week, you will develop Part 1 (first two articles) of the Literature Review section. While developing Part 1, use the following guidelines:Find at least two articles on the selected topicWrite a short summary (one to two paragraphs) for each article.Write a brief analysis (one to two paragraphs) for each article and relate each analysis to your course and textbook readings.Using APA format, be sure to parenthetically cite your sources, and Reference on a separate page.


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