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July 11, 2019
Compare behavior under the two conditions – faces upright versus faces inverted.
July 11, 2019

Literature Essay

After viewing the film Rashomon by Kurosawa, compare it with both of Akutagawa’ stories, “In the Grove” , and “Rashomon” that we read and analyzed in class. 

Take into account:

-Do both works have the same characters? which are different? For example, in the film, the commoner to whom the tale of the murder is told. If the main characters are the same, do they share the same traits? For example, The woodcutter. 

-The successive points of view, which are an integral part in both works, result in. Explain the difference and why Kurosawa made these adaptations. 

-The plot is structured by successive points of view which keep changing the story. How does the film differ from the story?

– Both the film and the stories present the theme of the uncertainty of knowing the truth objectively, especially when individual interest, prejudices and views color how reality is interpreted. How is this theme presented by Akutawaga and Kurosawa? 

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