The right to bear arms: has it back fired yet?
December 7, 2017
Summary of Addicted to Plastic movies
December 7, 2017

Legalizing Marijuana

Choose a controversial topic, but not abortion, death penalty, animal testing, or lowering drinking age. Do not pick a topic so emotionally blinding to you that you are incapable of seeing the opposite point of view. Give me a thesis statement with Plan of development. Make sure your topic has two sides; if everyone agrees with you, there’s no reason to write. It must be 750 words at the minimum. It must have a great thesis statement and a plan of development which is 3 supporting topics. Those three supporting topics must be written in their own paragraphs and also have 3 things of evidence to support them. It must be 5 paragraph, 1 introduction which includes the thesis and POD, 3 body paragraphs and one conclusion which again states the thesis. We can have up to 3 citations which must be in MLA format. Also, the entire essay must be in present tense, 3rd person and use no quotations. Everything must be paraphrased.¬†¬†chosen topic is legalizing marijuana and supporting details are medical use and taxable revenue.


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