Introduction to Continuity of Operations Planning for Pandemic Influenzas

Discuss the relationship between distribution of muscle fiber type and performance. How might exercise training modify or change a person’s fiber-type distribution?
December 12, 2017
What contribution does Parsons’ concept of a sick role make to our understanding of sickness in society? What are the weaknesses of that concept?
December 12, 2017

Introduction to Continuity of Operations Planning for Pandemic Influenzas

Assignment 3

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FEMA IS-520: Introduction to Continuity of Operations Planning for Pandemic Influenzas (1 hour)

You are required to complete the FEMA IS-520 online training. To successfully complete the assignment, you must complete the training and independent study exam*. You will submit your certificate of completion in the Assignment 1 tab for your grade. This is an “all or nothing” assignment so you will receive a 100 if you submit your certificate of completion or zero (0) if you do not submit the certificate. The course is listed as 1 hour to complete so please plan accordingly. If you have previously completed this training, you can either retake the course or I can assign you another FEMA training (similar time and effort) instead (your certificate must be dated during this term). 

Direct link to training course:

Overview link which also includes the link to the independent study exam:

*You will be required to have a FEMA Student Identification (SID) number to complete the independent study exams for the training courses. Many of you may already have a SID number for your job or from previous FEMA trainings. If you already have a SID, you need to use your current SID number. If you do not have a SID number, then you can request one at

Assignments submitted late without advance notice AND instructor approval will receive a 5% per day late penalty and will not be accepted for grading five (5) days past the due date. 


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