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July 14, 2019
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July 14, 2019

Intro to Theatre Designing Assignment

Designing Assignment Instructions:

NOTE: There will be one Dropbox folder for the “Designing” assignment. You may upload multiple files or combine all elements into one file. You MUST include your designs for all 4 areas (Set, Costume, Lights, Sound). Upload legible image files for the Set and Costume portions and written descriptions for Lights and Sound.
Designing Your Set
Begin by measuring the area that will be used a the stage. On a piece of plain or graph paper, draw (with a pencil) an overhead sketch (a ground plan) indicating where each set piece will be located – attempt to make the ground plan as close to scale as possible (1/8″ or 1/4″ for every 1′ of actual floor space.) You need to be certain that there will be room for your set pieces and for the actors to move freely in the space. Some productions may have more than one location. Draw one ground plan for each location. When you are finished with your plans, examine them for composition, the same way you would if you were taking a photograph. You want to create a set that is not only practical but is also visually interesting. Once you are satisfied, submit your plans to this dropbox to receive my feedback (review this section in the textbook).
Designing Your Costumes
You will need magazines that contain lots of pictures of people, scissors, glue, colored pencils or pens, and several sheets of plain white paper. You may also choose to find photos on the internet and cut/paste them into a document rather than using magazines. Imagine the type of clothing each character might wear. Consider the time period in which the play is set, the time of year, and the time of day. Look through magazines or websites to find clothes that resemble your ideas and cut out figures/include internet photos from the magazines that represent each of the characters in your play and clothing. (review this section in the textbook) You may submit a picture of your costume design (magazine option).
Designing the Lights
Describe what type of lighting you will use for your set. Limited lighting may be available. Might want to consider flashlights and/or lamps to use in the production. Portable strobe lights and black lights can also be used. (review this section in the textbook)
Designing Sound
Describe the pre-show, curtain call, and underscoring music (list title and author) that will compliment your production. Remember that sound effects, if needed, can be found on the internet, in music stores, or in the library.


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