international management

What happens when a patient’s wishes contradict the beliefs of a health care workers? Conscientious Objection and Patient Rights
March 17, 2019
March 17, 2019

international management

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You have been given the assignment to organize an event in Boston that includes business discussions and social events between American, Japanese, Chinese, Arab and Mexican attendees. Some have met before, others have never met, and many have never been to Boston or the other attendees’ countries.

Based on your readings in Chapters 1 through 4, what considerations would you need to take into account in relation to communications styles and cultural contexts.  

What intercultural insights would you suggest that the American delegation/hosts should have in order to be successful in this setting.

What should the American attendees be cautions about ? What should the attendees be aware of about America, and to a certain extent Boston.

Think of every aspect from the time you start planning the meeting with your management till the time the attendees go back to the airport.

Your answer should include intercultural factors related to communications, meeting logistics, etiquette, food, dress, etc. 

Oh and lest we forget the event does not have an unlimited BUDGET, so pick your priorities that will make it a success and avoid an intercultural embarrassment  !!


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