In-which-direction-is-the-North-celestial-pole-from-Earth-Astronomy-Questions- Nursing Writers Hub

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January 14, 2021
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January 14, 2021

In-which-direction-is-the-North-celestial-pole-from-Earth-Astronomy-Questions- Nursing Writers Hub

1. In which direction is the North celestial pole from Earth?
2. Locate the celestial equator. Name one star on or very near it. Find one within 10 degrees north or south.______ is about _____ degrees N/S of the equator. Indicate in your answer if the star is north or south.
3 .Locate the ecliptic and name one star on or very near it. Try to find one within 10 degrees north or south.________ is about _____ (state its declination here, it is difficult to estimate the degrees from the ecliptic) N/S of the ecliptic. Indicate in your answer if the star is north or south.

4 .Follow along the ecliptic on the night sky simulation web site. What is the maximum (most northerly) declination the Sun will reach? ____________. What is the minimum (most southerly) declination the Sun will reach? ____________.
If clicking directly with the cursor on the ecliptic at their maximum and minimum declination does not give you the cursor coordinates, try to find a star or other celestial object as near as possible and click on it for the declination.
Maximum declination of the Sun: __23.45 degrees____________
Minimum declination of the Sun: _-23.45 degrees _____________
5. Find the RA and DEC for each of the following (click on “Find Object In Catalogue, below the map on the Your Sky web site):Vega, Capella, The Vernal Equinox, The Andromeda Galaxy (M31) (The Small Magellanic Cloud is hard to find with Your Sky web site)
Vega: RA ___________, DEC ______________ Capella: RA ___________, DEC ______________ The Vernal Equinox: RA ______________, DEC ______________ The Andromeda Galaxy (M31): RA _____________, DEC _____________
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