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May 3, 2021
Healthcare Ethics Paper – The Nursing TermPaper
May 3, 2021

imanuel kant discussion 500 words

Immanuel Kant-Foundations of Metaphysics of Morals

What is the “categorical imperative” according to Kant? Explain it fully. (Hint: look at the 2 “formulations”)
Do you think that you may have learned some of your own ethical decision making style in this way? Can you give an example?
How does Kant’s “Deontological Ethics” challenge Hume’s ethical theory?
Find a contemporary ethical issue going on right now in our society, in your own life, or the world in general and answer the question, “how would Kant address this issue?” In other words, what would he have to say about it
Does Kant’s position have anything to say (any applicability) to your research topic?

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