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February 23, 2021
can you describe what is your system view of the organization to the other participants (read ch2)
February 23, 2021

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For the Unit 6 Assignment, you will prepare two separate lawyer advertisements using Power Point. You will start by reviewing Model Rule 7.2 located here:
and the comments to Rule 7.2 which are located here:
The first advertisement should be false and or/misleading and thus a violation of rule 7.2. The second advertisement will comply with the requirements of rule 7.2. You will also provide a one paragraph explanation (in a Word document) explaining why your first advertisement does not comply with the rule and how the second advertisement does comply with the rule.
Each advertisement should consist of a minimum of three slides. You will create two separate Power Point presentations. You will label the first presentation as yourname.LegalEthics.Advertisement1 and the second presentation as yourname.LegalEthics.Advertisement2.
Feel free to be creative with regards to the design of your presentations! You can use clip art, audio, and even animations if you so choose!
Your Assignment should consist of the following:
Part 1:
Power Point Presentation 1: A false and misleading advertisement that clearly violates the parameters established by Rule 7.2 and its corresponding comments.
Part 2:
Power Point Presentation 2: An advertisement that complies with the broad requirements of Rule 7.2
Part 3:
A one paragraph discussion as to why the first advertisement does not comply with Rule 7.2 and an explanation of why the second advertisement does comply with the rule.
Here are some additional tips to help you format Part 3:
Keep all font color consistent throughout. If a blue hyperlink appears remove it by hovering over it and right clicking;
Avoid the use of first person
Double space throughout your submission
Use Times New Roman Size 12 font
Provide an APA formatted cover sheet

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