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August 1, 2022
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Humanities and Creative Expression


This module provides abundant examples of how humanities influence creative expression. Everything not found in nature makes up our culture, and all of those cultural artifacts are touched by humanities. Everything we encounter that is made by humans is both part of our culture and part of human expression. This assignment invites you to consider some of the many ways the humanities have shaped creative expression.


Instructions: Create a PowerPoint or Prezi presentation by performing the following:

  2. Provide eight examples of ways that the humanities influence creative expression.
  4. Cover four or more branches of the humanities (i.e., not all examples of musicians or authors).
  6. Each example should have its own slide with a clear, appropriate image and a brief explanation of how that example has been impacted by humanities (example: a slide featuring an image representing the movie Lord of the Rings with a sentence stating “The film LOTR incorporates aspects of the human condition such as discrimination, despair, courage, the feeling of triumph, happiness, internal mental scarring, and loss.”).
  8. Include a title slide.
  10. Include a reference slide with links to your resources.
  12. Proofread your work for spelling and grammar.


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